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Love Letter part 2

Title: Love Letter to Nobody
Author: Me, naturally
Summary: Amery has died, leaving his possessions behind. His little brother finds a letter from his favorite—and only—brother to a woman defined only as ‘eternal beloved’ and goes to find out who it is.

Two weeks into his stay at the Airman, Balfour still hadn’t found time to go investigate this ‘eternal beloved’ of his brother’s; training had gotten in his way, and if he wasn’t training, he was sleeping or he didn’t have clothes, or he had a blue streak across his face. It was all really rather annoying, but childish, so he tried to ignore it. He would only be giving them what they wanted if he fought against them or went home crying to his mother.

Finally, the weekend came, and with it, the worst prank of them all. As if the Airmen had some insight into his mental agenda—because he certainly didn’t write it down—they cornered him in the shower that morning, tied him to the faucet, left the cold water running, and just left. He frowned, thinking of all the words that Amery had taught him never to say, and just waited, wishing distantly that they hadn’t taken his gloves, too. They would get bored eventually. It was the Chief Sergeant who finally let him down, gaining the man more respect in Balfour’s eyes. At least he was sensible.

Nearly an hour later, after shaking the spiders out of his clothes—immature, he reminded himself. Best not to scream like a girl (no matter whether he wanted to or not)—he left, letter in hand, a list of his brother’s female correspondents in the other, and decided to pay the first woman a visit.
The woman who answered the door was very beautiful, but rather twitchy; however, when Balfour mentioned his brother, her face became dreamy and wistful.
“It’s a pity he died,” she said insensitively, causing a pain to shoot through Balfour’s chest. “He was really quite kind and very handsome. I didn’t really know him, though. I would have loved to.”

They talked for a while, the woman telling stories of his brother, the way she had always seen him interacting with her friends, and then, about a half hour later, Balfour left, crossing her name off the list as well as two whom she had pronounced dead. He couldn’t go see them, after all, but he would definitely ask around. This woman had said that the other two hadn’t had a relationship with him, but he would not take her word for it. He had to know who the letter was for that way he could deliver it properly, if a bit late.
As for the rest, they could wait until after lunch.

The title is taken from a line from a song called Dead Boy's Poem by Nightwish.