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Love Letter 1--intro

Title: Love Letter to Nobody
Author: Me, naturally
Summary: Amery has died, leaving his possessions behind. His little brother finds a letter from his favorite—and only—brother to a woman defined only as ‘eternal beloved’ and goes to find out who it is.

The distinct sound of wheels on cobblestone would have once put the current passenger of the carriage to sleep, but not today. Gloved hands held a piece of paper, slender fingers tracing the finely written lines, the script as perfect as the author himself in the boy’s eyes.

“Who was she?” bowed lips murmured, blue eyes sad and curious, nearly hidden by a fringe of dark hair. Balfour had been recruited not a month after his brother’s death, the Chief Sergeant himself coming to tell him the news. If it hadn’t been for the letter he had found in his brother’s things a week before Adamo came, he probably wouldn’t have accepted the job so easily, but this letter…this letter…

My eternal beloved
, it began, immediately piquing the boy’s curiosity. His brother, as far as Balfour had known, hadn’t had a beloved anywhere, having been too cold and distant to even want a woman.

My eternal beloved,
It has been so long since I have last seen your beauty in aught but a dream. My heart does yearn for your comfort, but I have no way to seek it. So close, yet so far apart, we are trapped on opposite sides of a wall of impenetrable dragon metal, yet in the same place. Funny, the limits our dear city places upon us because of our social class; I an airman, you a lady of high standing. My father would approve, naturally, but as long as I work for the Dragon Corps, you will be out of my reach, a star beyond my grasp.
Until our next fortuitous meeting,
Yours always,

The words echoed in the boy’s soul as he read them once again, his mind working overtime. Who had been his dear brother’s ‘eternal beloved’? Who was this lucky girl who had stolen Amery’s carefully guarded heart? He was determined to find out, and that was the only reason he had even agreed to be an airman, not his father’s insistence or wanting to fill his brother’s shoes, which were the common assumptions already.

As far as Balfour had discovered, this was a love letter to nobody, the woman long gone or a figment of his brother’s imagination. Most likely the former, considering Amery wasn’t prone to the latter. At least being in Thremedon meant that he could investigate further without his father wondering about it. There had to be a reason that he didn’t know about this woman.

The title is taken from a line from a song called Dead Boy's Poem by Nightwish.


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Oct. 17th, 2010 10:16 am (UTC)
Balfour ~<3 What an adorable little cookie.
Nov. 12th, 2010 05:51 am (UTC)
:D Glad you like my version of him. I decided to write him stronger in this one than I usually do..
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